Course Image Twentieth Century World (1950 to 2000)

A new global order came into existence in the aftermath of the Second World War.  The middle of the twentieth century inaugurated a remarkable era of change in  world history.  This course is designed to acquaint the students with the political, social, economic and technological transformation that took place in the latter half of twentieth century. It will familiarize them with events and  issues of conflict, peace, resistance, struggle and progress in the context of world history.

The Twentieth century has been a time of upheaval and very rapid change. The course takes the world as the unit of analysis and seeks to help students understand how the world evolved in the first half of the twentieth century.

CO1: Critically explain the legacy of  19th Century

CO2: Analyse the emergence of the World Order up to 1919

CO3: Understand the nature and effects of World War I

CO4: Explain the developments in World History during the period between the two World Wars

CO5: Understand the impact of the Second World War