Unit 2:  

Tuning of Controllers   :-

Control modes: - Discontinuous- two position, multi position, floating control Continuos – proportional, integral, derivative & composite modes Control  paradigms-  Cascade control., Criteria for controller tuning-specified decay ratio, minimum integral of absolute error (IAE), minimum integral of time & absolute error.  (ITAE) closed loop response methods: ultimate method damped oscillation method Process reaction curve & open loop tuning.


Unit 3:

Programmable Controllers and SCADA

PLC Basics: Programmable Controllers – functional diagram, operation, programming.  PLC system, I/O modules and interfacing, CPU processor, programming equipment, programming formats, construction of PLC ladder diagrams, devices connected to I/O modules.

PLC Programming. Ladder diagrams  for process control: Ladder diagrams and sequence listings, ladder diagram construction and flow chart for spray process system.

PLC Registers

Introduction to SCADA