I) Visit Report: Students should visit any of two agencies from the following lists
and write a critical and analytical report five to seven pages including an introductory
1. Criminal Justice Courts
2. Observation Home
3. Prison
4. Mental Hospital
5. Red Light Area
6. Forensic Departments or Laboratories
7. Police Stations
II) Crime Scene Report: Students should investigate (any one) given false crime
scenes based on home burglary, murder or rape, etc. and identify the physical evidence.
The student must critique the investigation using the principles as learned in this class
and write its report.
III) Research Project: Students should visit an area within forensic psychology of
their choice, and design, carry out, analyze and interpret an original empirical
investigation in this same area by using APA research report style. The student is
supported on a one-to-one basis by regular meetings with an academic supervisor
with research and/or theoretical expertise in the area.