EE34 - Electronic Fuzzy Systems
Unit 1:
 Fuzzy Sets and Membership Function
 Crisp set versus Fuzzy Set, Notion and representation of Fuzzy Set, Fuzzification,
 Types of membership functions, Properties of Fuzzy Set, Operations and Implications
 with Fuzzy Set, Fuzzy Number and Fuzzy Interval Arithmetic, Fuzzy Extension
 Principle, Alpha-Cut Fuzzy Set and Decomposition Principle, Software/Hardware
 implementation of Fuzzy Set, Problem Solving with Fuzzy Set.

Unit 2:
 Fuzzy Relation
 Concept of Fuzzy Relation, Crisp Relation versus Fuzzy Relation, Binary and nary
 Fuzzy Relations, properties of Fuzzy Relation, Operation with Fuzzy Relation, Fuzzy
 Equivalence and Tolerance Fuzzy Relations, Projection of Fuzzy Relation and
 Cylindrical Extension, Composition of Fuzzy Relation, Problem Solving with Fuzzy Relation.

Unit 3:
Fuzzy Inference
Exact and Approximate Reasoning, Fuzzy Rules, Types of Fuzzy Reasoning,
Mamdani and TSK-Methods of Fuzzy Reasoning, Process, Defuzzification,
Defuzzification Methods, Fuzzy Inference Process, Compositional Rule of Inference,
Fuzzy Inference System, Fuzzy Logic Control, Application Examples.

Unit 4:
 Electronic Fuzzy Circuits
 Fuzzy Logic Gates in Voltage and current modes, Fuzzy Flip-flops, Fuzzy Logic
 Circuits, Design considerations of Digital Fuzzy Logic Controllers, Software-Hardware
 Implementation: Computer/Microcontroller based Fuzzy Systems.

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