Unit III: Descriptive statistics 

1. Application of statistics in Biology.

2. Measures of Central tendency: Arithmetic mean, mode and median.

3. Measures of dispersion: Range, quartile deviation, mean deviation, Standard

deviation, coefficient of variation.

4. Probability- Introduction, addition and multiplication theory.

5. Probability distribution- Binomial, Poisson and Normal.

Unit IV: Inferential Statistics 

1. Correlation: Types and methods of correlation.

2. Regression: Regression lines and coefficients.

3. Hypothesis testing:

3.1 Tests of Significance.

3.2 Null hypothesis.

3.3 Alternative hypothesis.

3.4 Level of significance and Confidence interval.

4. Student t-test.

5. Chi- square test (χ2).

6. Analysis of Variance (ANOVA).