MCA (Choice Based Credit System) 

(Under Faculty of Science) 

MCA-II Semester-IV 

IT4E.3 Python Programming 

External Marks-80 Internal Marks -020 Theory-04 h/week 

Unit-I (15 hrs) 

Installing Python, Simple program using Python, Expressions and Values, Variables and Computer Memory, error detection, Multiple line statements, Designing and using functions, functions provided by Python, Tracing function calls in memory model, omitting return 

statement.  Working with Text: Creating Strings of Characters, Using Special Characters in Strings, Creating a Multiline String ,  Printing Information, Getting Information from the Keyboard 

Unit-II (15 hrs) 

A Boolean Type , Choosing Statements to Execute,  Nested If Statements , Remembering the Results of a Boolean Expression Evaluation , A Modular Approach to Program Organization, Importing Modules , Defining Modules, Testing  Code Semi automatically  Grouping Functions  

Using Methods: Modules, Classes, and Methods , Calling Methods the Object-Oriented Way,  Exploring String Methods, Underscores. 

Unit-III (15hrs) 

Storing Collections of Data Using Lists: Storing and Accessing Data in Lists, Modifying Lists, Operations on Lists , Slicing Lists ,  Aliasing, List Methods , Working with a List of Lists. Repeating Code Using Loops: Processing Items in a List, Processing Characters in Strings,Looping Over a Range of Numbers, Processing Lists Using Indices ,  Nesting Loops in Loops, Looping Until a Condition Is Reached, Repetition Based on User Input, Controlling Loops Using Break and Continue Reading and Writing Files: Kinds of files, Opening a File , Techniques for Reading Files,  Files over the Internet,   Writing Files,  Writing Algorithms That Use the File-Reading Techniques,  Multiline Records 

Unit-IV (15hrs) 

Storing Data Using Other Collection Types: Storing Data Using Sets, Storing Data Using Tuples, Storing Data Using Dictionaries, Inverting a Dictionary Creating Graphical User interface: Building a Basic GUI, Models, Views, and Controllers, Customizing the Visual Style Widgets, Object-Oriented GUIs, Regular expressions  Databases: Overview, Creating and Populating, Retrieving Data,Updating and Deleting, Using 

NULL for Missing Data,Using Joins to Combine Tables, Keys and Constraints, Advanced Features. 



1. Practical Programming: An introduction to Computer Science Using Python, second edition,     

    Paul Gries, Jennifer Campbell, Jason Montojo, The Pragmatic Bookshelf. 

2. Python for Informatics: Exploring Information, Charles Severance 

3. Learning Python, Fourth Edition, Mark Lutz, O’Reilly publication  

4. Introduction to Python for Computational Science and Engineering (A beginner's guide), Hans  


5. John V Guttag. “Introduction to Computation and Programming Using Python”, Prentice Hall  

     of India 

6. R. Nageswara Rao, “Core Python Programming”, dreamtech