Geomorphology is the systematic description of origin and development of landforms, it is therefore also termed as the science of landforms.

Herewith, all students of M.A./M.Sc. Geography Part-I, Sem.-I have to undergo this course with following unit-wise content (figures in the brackets indicate contact hours) :     

Principles of Geomorphology: 


Meaning nature and scope of geomorphology, Development of geomorphic thought, a brief review of fundamental concepts of geomorphology: Principle of Uniformitarianism, Contribution of Hutton, Gilbert, Datton, and Davis. (15)


Evolution of Continents and ocean basins: Continental drift theory of Taylor, Continental Drift theory of Wegener, Theory of Plate Tectonics. (15)


Factors controlling landform development: Endogenetic and Exogenetic forces, Denudational processes, Weathering, Erosion and Mass wasting. (15)


Mountain building activities, Geosynclinal theory of Kobber, Holms Convectional current theory, Theory of Isostasy. (15)


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