Unit 1:

The ARM instruction set:

Introduction, exceptions, conditional execution, Branch and branch with link, software interrupt, data processing instructions, multiply instructions, data transfer instructions.

            Architectural support for HLLs: Data types, Expressions, Conditional statements, loops.


Unit 2:

Inter-Integrated Circuit (I2C) BUS:

I2C bus specification, general characteristics, bus signals, Address mechanism, Applications – microcontroller interfacing examples for I2C EEPROM, RTC, ADC, and digital temperature sensors.  


Unit 3:

Serial peripheral interface (SPI):

Introduction, Specifications, master slave configuration, applications - microcontroller interfacing examples for SPI EEPROM, RTC, ADC and digital temperature sensors.


Unit 4:

Recent embedded protocols:

Controller Area Network (CAN): Specifications, basic concepts, Frame types, bus signals, Error handling, Addressing. 

            Introduction to IButton devices, 1-wire protocol.