History of Indian Women

(Women are no longer invisible in history. This course is planned to situate women's history within the broader perspective of social history, and illustrate significant themes in women's history on which historians have been working over the last few decades. It will introduce students to concepts of Women’s History and Feminist History, the status of women in different periods of history, and the Women’s Movement. The last module will throw light on the mobilization of women on a mass scale for the cause of country’s independence)

Module 1: Writing the History of Women

a) Visibilising women in history

b) Significance of Women’s History

c) Feminism and Feminist History

Module 2 : Indian Women: Customary and  Legal Status

a) Ancient India

b) Medieval India

c) Colonial India

d) Tribal Society

Module 3: Rise of Women’s movement

a) Education for Women

b) Women and Reform  in Nineteenth  Century

c) Emergence of women’s organizations

d) The movement for women’s rights

Module 4:Women and the freedom struggle

a) Role of Women in Gandhian Movements.

b) Participation of women in labour and peasant movements

c) Hindu Code Bill and Constitution of India