Pre-requisites : Engineering Physics, Engineering Mathematics, Electromagnetic Fields

Type of Course : Theory

Course Domain : Core

Skills Imbibed : Cognitive: Recall, Understand, Apply, Analyze, Synthesize, Evaluate

Course Assessment Methods:

1. Continuous Internal Evaluation: Unit Test I & Unit Test II, Assignments

2. Semester End Examination.

Course Objectives:

The course aims to:

1. Introduce student to the fundamental concepts of satellite communication, satellite subsystems and

their operation.

2. Enable the student to locate satellite and determine antenna angles for establishment of link.

3. Enable student to analyze, design satellite link and evaluate performance of satellite link.

4. Aware students about different satellite application in communication, navigation, and defense


Course Outcomes:

1. Explain basic satellite system with its subsystems.

2. Define orbital parameters and determine antenna look angles, range for GEO.

3. Classify types of losses and formulate power link budget for satellite.

4. Illustrate applications of satellite communication such as DBS, VSAT and GPS.

5. Determine range, power and other performance parameters required for radar.

6. Differentiate between different types of radars with their application.