Syllabus for M. Sc (Physics) Choice Base Credit System

(Under Academic Flexibility Scheme) With effect from June, 2019

M.Sc. (Physics) (Semester-III)

Paper Code: SSP-1

Total Credits: 4-credits

Paper title: SOLID STATE PHYSICS- I (Thin solid films: Deposition and properties)

Unit 1: Physical methods of thin film deposition (15)

Vacuum deposition apparatus: Vacuum systems, substrate deposition technology, substrate materials, substrate cleaning, masks and connections, multiple film deposition,Thermal Evaporation methods: Resistive heating, Flash evaporation, Arc evaporation, laser evaporation, electron bombardment heating,Sputtering: Introduction to sputtering process and sputtering variants, glow discharge sputtering, Magnetic field assisted (Triode) sputtering, RF Sputtering, Ion beam sputtering, sputtering of multicomponent materials

Unit 2: Chemical methods (15)

Chemical vapor deposition: Common CVD reactions, Methods of film preparation, laser CVD, Photochemical CVD, Plasma enhanced CVD, Chemical bath deposition: ionic and solubility products, preparation of binary semiconductors, Electrodeposition: Deposition mechanism and preparation of compound thin film Spray pyrolysis : Deposition mechanism and preparation of compound thin films, Chemical bath deposition, successive ionic layer adsorption reaction method (SILAR) method, Sol-gel method, Hydrothermal method

Unit 3: Nucleation growth processes and thickness measurement (15)

Condensation process, Langmuir-Frenkel theory of condensation, Theory of nucleation and growth process, Thickness measurements:Electrical methods, Microbalance monitors, mechanical method, radiation absorption and radiation emission methods, optical interference methods: photometric method, spectrometric method, interference fringes, X-ray interference fringes

Unit 4: Properties and characterization of thin films(15)

Mechanical properties of thin films: Introduction to elasticity, plasticity and mechanical behavior, Electrical and magnetic properties of thin films: Introduction to electrical properties of thin films, Optical properties of thin films: optical constant in thin films, Structural characterization: X-ray diffraction, scanning electron microscopy, chemical characterization: Introduction, Electron spectroscopy, X-ray Energy Dispersive Analysis(EDX),Auger Electron spectroscopy (AES),X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS)

Reference Books

1. Thin Film Phenomena by K L Chopra McGraw -Hill Book Company, NY 1969

2. The Materials Science of Thin Films by Milton Ohring, Academic Press, (1992) (unit 4)

3. Properties of Thin Films by Joy George, Marcel and Decker, (1992)

4. Physics of Thin Films by LudmilaEckertov√°, Springer (1986)

5. Thin Film Technology by O S Heavens, Methuen young books (1970) (1970)