• Course Outcomes (COs)

  1. CO-1.  Students will understand major trends and poets in Modern and Postmodern English Poetry through detailed study of prescribed poetical works of British, Indian, American and Australian poets.
  2. CO-2.  Students will be able to locate a specific poem in historical and social context.
  3. CO-3.  Students will be able to interpret and aesthetically appreciate poems.
  4. CO-4. Students will be able to understand the difference between implicit and explicit meaning of poems.

  • Syllabus:

          Unit 1: Modern Australian poetry

                      Alec Derwent Hope (Poems selected from The Penguin Book of Australian Verse edited by Harry Haseltine)

                                            a. Australia, 
                                            b. The Wandering Islands
                                            c. The Death of the Bird, 
                                            d. The Imperial Adam
                                            e. Pasiphae, 
                                            f. Letter from the Line
                                            g. Ode on the Death of Pius the Twelfth, 
                                            h. Crossing the Frontier

            Unit 4: Modern Indian Poetry

                       Jayant Mahapatra: (The Oxford Indian Anthology of Twelve Modern Indian Poets edited by Arvind Krishna Mehrotra. OUP)

                                           a. A Rain of Rites, 
                                           b. I Hear My Fingers Sadly Touching an Ivory Key
                                           c. Hunger, 
                                           d. Hands
                                           e. The Moon Moments, 
                                           f. A Kind of Happiness
                                          g. The Door, 
                                          h. The Abandoned British Cemetry at Balasore
                                          i. The Captive Air of Chandipur--on--Sea, 
                                          j. Of that Love
                                          k. Days, 
                                          l. Waiting

(Note: The course is equally shared with Dr. C. A. Langare. He dealt with the remaining two units of the Course: Unit2: Modern British Poetry: T. S. Eliot and Unit 3: Poetry of Harlem Renaissance: Langston Hughes)

  • Reference Books:

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