Unit- I: (15 Hrs.)

1. Classification and Nomenclature of Enzymes, Isoenzymes, Multienzyme


2. Cofactors.- Inorganic, Organic: Pyridoxyl Phosphate, Biotin, Lipoic acid, Thiamine

diphosphate, Flavin nucleotides, Nicotinamide.

Unit- II: (15 Hrs.)

1. Purification of Enzymes.-. Objectives and strategies, Methods of separation:

Centrifugation, Dialysis, Gel-filtration, Ion Exchange chromatography, Electrophoresis,

Isoelectric focusing, Affinity chromatography.

2. Structure of Enzymes- Primary, Secondary, tertiary and quaternary, Active sites and

Allosteric sites, Structure of chymotrypsin.

Unit- III: (15 Hrs.)

1. Enzyme Kinetics -Michaelis Menten equation., Briggs Haldane Hypothesis., The Line

Weaver Burk Plot., The Halden relationship for reversible reaction., Effect of inhibitors

on enzyme Kinetics., Effect of temperate., Thermal denaturation., Effect of pH on

enzyme kinetics.

2. Enzyme Actions of-Chymotrypsin., Fructose bisphosphate aldolase.

Unit- IV: (15 Hrs.)

1. Enzymes in Organized System.- RNA nucleotidyl transferase, The Pyruvate


2. Enzyme Technology- Use of isolated enzymes in industrial processes, Immobilized