Course Objectives

1. To develop an understanding of concepts related to industrial automation

2. To develop an ability to design controllers for control system

3. To understand use of PLC and SCADA for industrial applications

Course Outcomes

1. Able to identify the process model and analyze process dynamics

2. Understand the performance of various control modes

3. Able to program PLC for process control

4. Understand SCADA

Module 1: Process Models (15) Control System Evaluation:- Stability, steady-state regulation, transient regulation, Analog and digital processing Controller Principles :- Process Characteristics - process equation, process load, process lag, self regulation Control system parameters - Error, variable range, control parameter range, control lag, dead time, cycling. 

Module 2: Tuning of Controllers (15) Control modes: - Discontinuous - two position, multi position, floating control, Continuous – proportional, integral, derivative & composite modes Control paradigms-Cascade control.,