Course Objectives:

1.   To understand the different types of database system architectures.

2.   To Design and implement advanced object oriented database queries using

      Structured Query Language.

3.   To study and design distributed database with its applications

4.    To Understand and study parallel database principles.  

5.   To administer a database by recommending and implementing procedures including database tuning, backup, query processing, query optimization and recovery. 

6.    To learn advanced querying with Decision support system and information retrieval.

Course Outcomes:

Students will be able to

            1.      Explain and evaluate the fundamental theories for advanced database architectures and query operators.

2.      Design and implement parallel database systems with evaluating different methods of storing, managing of parallel database.

3.      Assess and apply database functions of distributed database.

4.      Evaluate different database designs and architecture.

5.      Administer and analyze database with query optimization techniques and developWeb interface with database.

6.      Understand advanced querying and decision support system.