CCS-303: Animal Physiology

Unit - I: Membrane and Neuromuscular physiology 15 Hrs. 1.1 Membrane Physiology and its potential. 1.2 Anatomy of nervous system – Neuroglia and neurons. 1.3 Physiology of nerve fiber its excitation and conduction. 1.4 Anatomy and physiology of skeletal, cardiac and smooth muscle 1.5 Neuromuscular junction- physiology and transmission. 

 Unit - II: Physiology of Sense organs 15 Hrs. 2.1 Anatomy and physiology of Eye and Optics of eye. 2.2 Anatomy and physiology of Ear. 2.3 Anatomy and physiology of tongue. 2.4 Chemical Senses- Smell

 Unit - III: Physiology of Reproduction 15 Hrs. 3.1 Anatomy and physiology of male reproductive system. 3.2 Anatomy and physiology of female Reproductive system. 3.3 Maturation, capacitation of germ cells and fertilization. 3.4 Embryonic development. 3.5 Birth control measures.

 Unit - IV: Resent trends’ in Reproductive biology 15 Hrs. 4.1 Prenatal diagnostic tests 4.2 IVF and Embryo Transfer 4.3 Stem cells and Tissue culture. 4.4 Modern techniques in developmental biology.