Unit 1: Introduction to Agribusiness: Nature, definition, scope and functions. Agribusiness input and output services, Difference between farm and nonfarm sectors, Importance of small agribusinesses, Successful Agri‐business enterprises. Visit a successful entrepreneur in agriculture nearby and study his qualities. -15 Hours 

Unit 2: Agricultural Marketing: Definition of market and agricultural marketing, Royal Commission on Agriculture, Agricultural Marketing Organizations, Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). National Agriculture Policy of India Study of various marketing innovations and discuss it in classroom. -15 Hours 

Unit 3: Agro‐processing industries in India: Management and processing of Sugar industry‐  Dairy processing –cotton textiles – Oil Seeds processing‐  Sericulture, Horticulture, and floriculture processing – medicinal plants. Problems and prospects of Agro‐ processing industries in India. Study any one agro processing industry and make a report. -15 Hours

 Unit 4:   Business Legislation: Essential Commodities Act, Food Adulteration Act, Food safety and standards, consumer protection Act. Recent Trends in Agri‐business management: ITC e‐choupal, precision farming, and logistics in agri products in India. Case study of recent trends in agriculture should be solved. -15 Hours