UNIT-I Financial Management – 

Introduction, Meaning, Objectives, Functions of Financial Management. Role of Finance Manager in Rural Enterprises Take interview of Finance Manager of any business enterprise to Understand his functions and role in the organization.

UNIT-II Sources of Finance– 

Long Term, Medium Term and Short Term Sources; Rural Financial Intermediaries – NABARD, DCBs, LDBs, RRBs, Cooperative Banks and Credit Societies and other agencies; Innovative Weapons of Finance for Rural Enterprises – Hire Purchase, Leasing, Micro Finance, Seed Capital, Venture
Capital Financing.

UNIT-III Financial Statement Analysis – 

Comparative Financial Statements, Trend Analysis, Common Size Statements, Ratio Analysis Profitability, Liquidity, Activity and Leverage Ratios

Working Capital and Capital Budgeting for Rural Enterprises –
UNIT-IV Working Capital and Capital Budgeting for Rural Enterprises –
a. Working Capital : Concept, Types, Factors, Estimation and Financing of Working Capital
b. Capital Budgeting : Concept, Nature, Significance and Techniques of Capital Budgeting – Pay Back Period, Net Present Value, Profitability Index,
Accounting Rate of Return, Internal Rate of Return