Project Report and Viva       

  Student has to undergo a practical training of minimum 6 months. MBA being professional course it is essential for each student to practically apply or understand theoretical concepts what he/she learn during the course. During the training programme student is expected to collect vital information through internal and external source so as to reach concrete conclusions on the given subject. Student has to prepare the project report under the guidance of teacher. Director/Principal of the institution/college will decide the last date of submission of final copy. Student should submit two typed copies to the Institute. One copy for the institute and another copy for his/her personal record. Students may prepare additional copies for the organization, guide etc.

          A viva-voce examination will be conducted before the Semester IV examination. A viva-voce committee will be appointed by the university. A committee will consist of 3 members. Every district will have a separate committee for viva-voce.