Specific Objectives: 

1] To orient the students to the basic operations of computer.

2] To integrate computer applications in research and fieldwork practices.


Unit - I  Orientation to the basics of computer                                                                   15

 A] History of innovations in computer technology 

 B] Hardware of computer 

 C] Software of computer 


Unit - II Programs of computer                                                                                           15

 A] Word document : Applications and essence for social work 

 B] EXCEL : Application and essence in social work practice 

 C]   Internet : Application and importance in social work  education and practice 

 D] Other computer programs 


Unit - III EXCEL : Applications in research and fieldwork                                            15

 A] Data entry 

 B] Data analysis 

 C] Graphic presentation 

 D] Data interpretation and documentation 


Unit - IV SPSS package                                                                                                        15

 A] Orientation to SPSS package 

 B] Code book, Defining variables, Data entry

C] Data analysis and interpretation 

 D] Graphic presentation and interpretation