Introduction to Industrial Engineering:

Definition, Scope, Responsibilities, Important contributors to I.E., Tools and techniques of I.E. Production Planning and Control: Sales Forecasting – Need, types and various techniques, Elements of PPC, PPC activity cycle. Planning – Pre-requisites of process planning, Steps in process planning, Factors affecting process planning, Process selection, Machine selection, Make or buy decision, Line Balancing, Plant capacity, Machine capacity and machine selection planning. Loading & Scheduling – Machine loading procedure, Concept of scheduling, Single machine scheduling.

Job shop scheduling, n jobs one machine, n jobs two machines, two jobs – m machine cases. Production Control – Control function and its objectives, mechanism used in effecting production control

Unit II:

Job Evaluation and Merit Rating- Methods, Incentive schemes

Unit III :

Inventory Control: Different Models and Inventory Systems, MRP, Make or Buy decision. Network Techniques: CPM and PERT, Construction, Time cost trade off. Facility Planning: Location model, Principles & objectives of plant layout. Tools & techniques of PL Material Handling: Objectives and principles, Material Handling Equipments, Selection, types and application.

Unit IV :

Human Factors Engineering: Physiological work measurement Scope, application, Load analysis.

Unit V: 

Productivity: Concept, objectives, Factors affecting productivity, Tools and techniques to improve productivity, Productivity measurement. – Models. Value Engineering: Concept, steps, Applications

Unit VI:

Work Study: Definition, objectives and steps Method Study: Recording techniques, principles of motion economy, Cases on methods improvement. Work Measurement: Steps, Performance rating, various techniques, Allowances and standard time estimation, Work Sampling, MOST Techniques