Course Objective:

  1. To understand and analyze the architecture, instruction set and operations of microprocessors 8086 and contemporary peripherals.
  2. To understands the single and multi-processor mode of 8086 processor.
  3. To understanding and developing assembly level programs for microprocessor and microcontroller.
  4. To understand and analyze 80386 microprocessor and PIC microcontroller.
  5. To understand and analyze I/O Interfacing and Interrupt handling concept and to implement these concepts with Intel 8086 Assembly Language.

Course Outcome:

  1. Students get complete knowledge of architecture, instruction sets and operations of microprocessors 8086.
  2. Student can develop various assembly language programs and understands the various addressing modes required for assembly language programming.
  3. Students will be able to understand 80386 microprocessor and PIC microcontroller.
  4. Develop enough confidence to take up the challenges in building useful microprocessor based applications.
  5. At the end of this course students will able to analyze instruction sets, applying programming and gain hands-on experience of 8086 & 80386 microprocessor and microcontroller.