Population Ecology: Population regulation, Density dependent and Independent regulation:
Role of different factors, Genecology-Ecads, Ecotypes, concept of niche etc. Human population
dynamics and prediction. [15]

Statistical thinking in Ecology:
Ecosystems and scale, theory, knowledge and research design, Ecological study unit, Inference
methods, Experimental versus observation methods in ecology, Evidence and hypothesis testing,
formulating right problem, Publish or Perish. [15]


1. Study of litter production.
2. Determination of similarity index and association index.
3. Study of stratification and physiognomy.
4. Study of population dynamics.
5. Determination of IVI.
6. Study of α, β diversity.

1. Study of vegetation by transect method.
2. Study of vegetation bisects.
3. Measurement of biomass production.
4-5. Biomass profile of the plant community.
6. Visit to local protected or conserved area.

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