C7: Drama in English up to 19th century

Course Outcomes:

  • 1.      Students will understand the origin and development of drama in different countries and various nuances of performance.
  • 2.      Students will be able to understand and interpret drama as a genre of literature.
  • 3.      They will be able to compare dramas written in different countries.
  • 4.      They will be able to distinguish between the various trends in drama.

C7: Drama in English up to 19th century



Unit 1:

General Topic: Sanskrit Drama

Text: Vishakhadatta’s Mudrarakshas (4/8c. BC)

Translated and edited by Michael Coulson, The Clay Sanskrit Library, New York Univ. Press, 2005/ Three Sanskrit plays (1981, Penguin Classics).


Unit 4:

General Topic: Realism in Drama

Text: Henrik Ibsen’s Hedda Gabler (1891)