• Course Outcomes (COs)

CO-1.  They will comprehend Renaissance poetry, drama, theatre and prose.

CO-2.  Students will understand British Renaissance intellectuals.

CO-3.  Students will be able to interpret and appreciate Elizabethan and Metaphysical poetry.

CO-4.  Students will comprehend the Shakespearean plays.

CO-5.   Students will be able to interpret and critically appreciate epic poetry with reference to Milton.


           Unit 3. Epic Tradition: John Milton Paradise Lost (Book I)

           Unit 2. Shakespearean Tragedy: William Shakespeare -King Lear

(Note: The course is equally shared with the Contributory Teacher. S/He dealt with the remaining two units of the Course: Unit 1. British Renaissance: Intellectual Background Francis Bacon Selected Essays (Essays I to XX) and Unit 4. Elizabethan and Metaphysical Poetry (Selected Poems))

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