UNIT-I: 15 Lectures
Data, Data Types, abstract Data type, Data Structure, Arrays as abstract data types (1D, 2D,
Multidimensional ) Linked lists: Concepts, Operations: Insert, Delete, Traversal, Static
implementation using arrays, Dynamic implementation, doubly linked lists, Circular lists, Linked
lists applications, Polynomial representation.
UNIT- II: 15 Lectures
Stack: Concepts push and pop operations, Stack implementation using C, Stacks as linked lists,
Stack Applications, Infix to postfix conversion of expression, Expression evaluation, Recursion.
Queues: Concept, insert, And delete operations, Queue implementation using C, queues as
linked lists, Queue Applications: priority queues.
UNIT- III: 15 Lectures
Trees: Terminology and concepts, Binary trees representation, Static implementation using arrays
Linked representation, binary search tree, Operation inserts and Delete, Tree traversals, Creation
of a tree using preorder, inorder, and postorder traversals, Representing trees as binary Trees,
Height balanced trees (AVL tree), B Trees.
UNIT- IV: 15 Lectures
Graphs: Terminology and concepts, Graph representation: adjacency – matrix, lists, multilists
Traversal: Depth 1st and breadth 1st search, Minimum Spanning Tree, Single Source Shortest
Sorting: Concepts and needs, Performance criteria, Techniques, Bubbles, Quick, Selection,
Insertion, Tree (Heap), Merge, Radix sort.
Recommended Books:
1. Classic data Structures, Samantha PHI, 2002
Reference Books:
1 . Data Structures: A Pseudocode Approach with C, Richard Gilberg, Behrouz Forouzan,
Cengage Learning, 2004.
2. Data Structures using C, Aaron M. Tenenbaum, Yedidyah Langsam & Moshe J. Augenstein, ,
Prentice-Hall of India Pvt. Ltd. New Delhi, 1994.