This course introduces some fundamental understanding on quantum mechanical principles including operator algebra.

Following is the syllabus to be covered in this course.

Introduction: Wave particle duality of material and De Broglie’s hypothesis, uncertainty principle, Schrodinger equation, wave function, conditions for acceptable wave functions and its interpretation, properties of wave functions, Operators and related theorems, algebra of operators, commutator, linear operators, Normalization and orthogonality, Eigen functions and Eigen values, postulate of quantum mechanics. Solutions of wave equation for a free particle and particle in a box problem, Transition dipole moment integral and selection rules, particle in a box application to electronic spectra of conjugated linear organic molecules.

Linear and angular momentum operators, eigen function and eigen values of angular momentum operator, Ladder operator, addition of angular momenta. Spin angular momenta, symmetric and antisymmetric wavefunctions, Pauli Exclusion Principle, spectroscopic term symbols.