Unit-1: Basics of Economic Geography

Nature and scope; Approaches to the study of economic geography; Basis of economic processes: Production, exchange & consumption, Classification and characteristics of economic activities. World economic development: measurement and problems; Special Economic Zones (15)

Unit-2: Energy Resources

Concept of resources, Classification of resources, Renewable & Non-renewable energy resources, World energy situation and distribution; Sources of Energy: Coal, Oil, Natural gas and Nuclear energy, OPEC-energy crisis. (10)

Unit- 3: Industrial Geography

Nature and scope of Industrial Geography, Factors of Industrial Location,Principles of Industrial Location: – Profit maximization, Least cost location- A. Weber & A. Losch industrial location theory, Rostows model, Industrial regionalisation; World industries: locational patterns and problems; New industrial policies of India (15)

Unit-4: Transportation & Trade

Modes of transportation, Accessibility and connectivity; Interregional and Intraregional: Ullman’s tried- Complementarily- Intervening Opportunity- Transferability, Trade Policy; Export processing zones, International Trade Characteristics, patterns of world trade, Regional Trade blocks EEC, EFTA, & WTO. (20)