COs of the course “Fermentation technology and process designing”


This course Describes fundamental aspects of industrial fermentation technology and its applications at industrial level. 

CO1   Students will able to understand some useful Microbial fermentation process like microbial Growth and its measurement, fermentation media Understanding of concept strain isolation , preservation and improvement.

CO2   Ability to understand various parameters of fermentation like types of fermenter, media, gas diffusion and medium rheology.

CO3   Capacity to evaluate fermentation yield and biomass production by understanding kinetic parameter of fermentation

CO4   Ability to analyze various industrially important processes like industrially important microbial stain isolation, its improvement, preservation and scale up downstream processing and industrial effluent treatment.

CO5   Determine efficacy of modern fermentation technology by understanding various aspects of fermentation, command controls and control option including KBS, ANN and GA.

Understanding various fermentation process through the examples of different industrial production like; organic acids, Microbial Enzymes, antibiotics, and pigment.