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Regarding Resources on different portals

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Regarding Resources on different portals
by Dr. Urmila Pol CSD - Saturday, 4 April 2020, 8:29 PM

This information is for all the students, 

Use  online resources available on various portals, which include 

i. NPTEL, 

ii. e-PG Pathshala he, 

iii. SWAYAM, 

iv. Shodhganga 

v. e-PG Pathshala ( 

vi. e-Content Courseware in UG subjects (

vii. UG/PG  UGC – MOOCs ( 

viii. Swayam Prabha

ix. CEC UGC YouTube Channel ( )

x. e-ShodhSindhu:Consortium for Higher Education Electronic Resources

xi. Vidwan