M. Sc. Zoology Choice Based Credit System M. Sc.-II, Sem.- IV Core Course Specialization: Physiology Elective paper - III CCS-403: Physiology of Health 

 Unit – I: Pathophysiology of gastrointestinal system (15 Hrs.) 1.1. Digestive glands 1.2. Swallowing and esophagus 1.3. Stomach 1.4. Small intestine 1.5. Appendix 1.6. Large intestine- constipation, diarrhea, and defecations.

 Unit – II: Pathophysiology of respiratory and circulatory systems (15 Hrs.) 2.1. Respiratory insufficiency- Chronic pulmonary Emphysema, Pneumonia, Atelectasis, Asthama, Tuberculosis. 2.2. Hypoxia, Hypercapnia, Hypocapnia. 2.3. Haemolysis and clotting defects 2.4. Congenital and Ischemic heart diseases, 2.5. Hypertension, cardiac arrest and heart failure. 2.6. ECG-defect, Angiogram and Angioplasty. 

 Unit – III: Pathophysiology of Renal system (15 Hrs.) 3.1. Acute renal failure- Peripheral internal and post renal failure. 3.2. Chronic renal failure – injury to glomeruli and nephron 3.3. Hypertensions and kidney diseases. 3.4. Uremic toxicity, dialysis and artificial kidney. 3.5. Kidney transplantation. 

 Unit – IV: Pathophysiology of Nervous (15 Hrs.) 4.1. Disorders of Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) 4.2 Pathophysiology of Psychosis 4.3 Pathophysiology of Epilepsy 4.4 Pathophysiology of Alzimers diseases 4.5 Pathophysiology of Parkinson’s 4.6. Inherited neurological disorders.

This course will cover the pest management strategies for insect pests.

Course Objectives/ Outcome (CO)

• To develop various skills among LIS students.

• To give information about various teaching methods.

• To provide opportunity to practice various skills.